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How to Prepare Your Winter Park, FL Home for an AC Replacement

For the fastest, most efficient, and most affordable AC replacement services in Orange County, there’s just one company to call: Tim Benjamin AC Inc.. With more than a decade of experience, a proven track record of success, and dozens of satisfied clients, we’re considered the most reliable AC replacement company in Winter Park, FL. The team of professionally trained, fully licensed and insured HVAC contractors at our locally owned and operated company are experts in all types of air conditioners, including central air conditioners, mini split ACs, and window air conditioners. When you choose Tim Benjamin AC Inc. for your AC replacement needs, you can rest assured that your Orange County home will be cool and comfortable.

How to Prepare Your Winter Park, FL Home for a New AC Replacement

Whether it’s old, outdated, and exceeded its life expectancy, it’s on its last legs or its already expired, or it just isn’t meeting your Orange County home’s cooling needs; there are lots of reasons why you might need to replace your air conditioner. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to prepare ahead of time to make the process as easy as possible.

You’ve already hired a reputable Winter Park, FL AC replacement contractor, selected your new air conditioning system, and set a date and time for the service. The only thing left to do is prepare your Orange County home – and your family and yourself – for the big day. Here are some tips that you can use to prepare ahead of time before an AC replacement.

Make Space

You want to make sure that your Winter Park, FL AC replacement contractors will be able to access your Orange County house with ease. Before they’re scheduled to arrive, be sure you make space so that they can easily access your property. If you have a driveway, make sure it’s open so that the contractors have a convenient place to park their vehicles. If you don’t have a driveway, clear a parking space in front of your house. The contractors are going to need to access supplies, equipment, and tools from their vehicles, and providing a convenient parking space will ensure that they can do just that.

Clear Obstructions

You’re also going to want to take the time to clear out any obstructions. This includes both within the interior, as well as on the exterior of your Orange County home. Make sure that any doorways that your Winter Park, FL AC replacement contractors will be using to access your house are free and clear of obstructions, and clear any objects that may be blocking anywhere inside your home that they’re going to need to access – hallways, the attic, the basement, etc. – of any items that might be in the way; furniture and boxes, for example. Outside, make sure that the area where the exterior components of your existing air conditioning system is located is free of any obstructions; outdoor furniture and potted plants, for example. If any shrubs, trees, flowers, and other foliage are in the ground near the vicinity of the exterior components, do what you can to secure them.

Protect Items

For any items that can’t be moved that are located in areas where your Winter Park, FL AC replacement contractors are going to need to access, take the necessary precautions to protect them. Place drop cloths over the floors and over any built-in or large pieces of furniture that can’t be moved, for instance. Remove and store items that you’re concerned could become damaged by any dirt, dust, and debris that will be kicked up and created while the contractors are working, such as artwork, keepsakes, and other decorative items. 

Prepare Your Family

If you have young children and pets, you should make arrangements for them, as well. Small children are curious by nature, so if you’re concerned that their curiosity may lead them to explore and accidentally get in the way of the Winter Park, FL AC replacement technicians, potentially harming themselves and the crew, or if you’re concerned that your young children will be startled by loud noises, make the necessary preparations. That might mean ensuring that the work zone will be off-limits and reviewing the rules with your children, and if that isn’t a viable option, make arrangements for childcare; ask a trusted friend or family member if they can watch your little ones outside of your Orange County house, for example.

Pets are a concern, as well. If you have large dogs that bark a lot and could startle the technicians, or if you have skittish or curious dogs and or cats, for instance, be sure to plan ahead for your furry family members. Arrangements might include confining your furry friends to a safe, secure, and out-of-the-way location, or asking someone you trust,t and who would be willing to do so if they will pet-sit for you while the Winter Park, FL AC replacement contractors are working.

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With the above-mentioned tips, you can be sure that your Orange County home and your loved ones are prepared, and that your contractors will be able to work as efficiently and safely as possible while your new air conditioning system is being installed. Are you still looking for a reputable Winter Park, FL AC replacement company, or unhappy with the one you hired? If so, get in touch with the professionals Florida residents trust most: Tim Benjamin AC Inc.. For more information, to schedule a consultation, and to request a free price quote, call 407-340-2827 or submit an online request right through our website, and we’ll be happy to service all of your needs.

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Winter Park is a city in Orange County, Florida, United States. The population was 30,825 according to the 2019 census population estimate. It is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The Winter Park area’s first human residents were migrant Muscogee people who had earlier intermingled with the Choctaw and other indigenous people. In a process of ethnogenesis, the Native Americans formed a new culture which they called “Seminole”, a derivative of the Mvskoke’ (a Creek language) word simano-li, an adaptation of the Spanish cimarrón which means “wild” (in their case, “wild men”), or “runaway” [men]. The site was first inhabited by Europeans in 1858, when David Mizell Jr. bought an 8-acre (32,000 m2) homestead between Lakes Virginia, Mizell, and Berry. A settlement, called Lake View by the inhabitants, grew up around Mizell’s plot. It got a post office and a new name-Osceola-in 1870.

The area did not develop rapidly until 1880, when a South Florida Railroad track connecting Orlando and Sanford was laid a few miles west of Osceola. Shortly afterwards, Loring Chase came to Orange County from Chicago to recuperate from a lung disease. In his travels, he discovered the pretty group of lakes just east of the railbed. He enlisted a wealthy New Englander, Oliver E. Chapman, and they assembled a very large tract of land for $13,000 on July 4, 1881. They planned the town of Winter Park on this piece of land. Over the next four years they plotted the town, opened streets, built a town hall and a store, planted orange trees, and required all buildings to meet stylistic and architectural standards. Winter Park was a heavily planned city, something that is still evident in its streets’ grindlike organization. The town was then promoted heavily, especially to snow birds in the north looking for a place to hibernate in the winter. During this founding time, the Winter Park Post Office opened, and the railroad constructed a depot, connected to Osceola by a dirt road.

In 1885, a group of businessmen started the Winter Park Company and incorporated it with the Florida Legislature; Chase and Chapman sold the town to the new company. In a land bubble characteristic of Florida history, land prices soared from less than $2 per acre to over $200, with at least one sale recorded at $300 per acre. This land bubble concept would never go away, with towns and counties directly surrounding the area with exponentially cheaper land prices.

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It is important to note that there are some telltale signs that indicate that your air conditioner needs to be replaced: Lack of Cool Air & Limited Airflow, Buildup of Moisture, Strange Sounds, Foul Smells, and Very High Energy Bills.

It is true that you will save more money by replacing your AC than continuing to repair it depending on the damages to it.

HVAC systems can last up to 30 years, but it is recommended you get them replaced before then since an air conditioner can last between 10 and 15 years.

In order to determine if your air conditioner can be repaired, a maintenance check will be performed on it. If we find it is too damaged we will work on finding you a replacement.

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